One of the Happiest Moments of my Life

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?Daily Prompt


Instead of talking about a surreal moment, I think I am going to talk about one of the happiest moments of my life. That being the birth of my daughter. The birth of a child is always happy but for me the birth on my daughter was even more special because it had begun to feel as if it was not going to happen.

Both my wife and I had wanted a house full of children to run around and keep us busy. I had always dreamed of having a little child to go out in the yard and play catch with. Someone who needed me to coach their baseball and football teams. Someone who would look up to me and want to be just like their dad.

I would look around and see people I knew who were having children successfully and wonder why they were being blessed with children when I was not. Hearing in the news about parents who would have kids and then abuse them or kill them. Why would they be able to have a child when someone such as myself who wanted to love a child could not.

The first moment that I got to hold my daughter was the absolutely most precious moment in my life. I was so happy and overwhelmed with joy. I don’t often show a lot of emotion but this moment brought tears to my eyes. All that I had dreamed of wanting to be able to do with a child was finally now going to have a chance to happen.

In my most perfect dreams I had always dreamed it would be a little boy. However we knew ahead of time that it was going to be a girl. I was disappointed briefly when we first found out. But by the time the child was here that disappointment was long part of the past. There was absolutely nothing but joy and happiness while holding the healthy baby girl my wife had just given birth to.

Because it seemed for so long like it wasn’t going to happen my wife took to calling my daughter her little bumble bee. Bumble bees should not be able to fly because the weight of their bodies should make it impossible. Yet they are able to fly anyway. It’s one of the miracles of life.

And our daughter was another one of those wonderful miracles of life! The fact I was the recipient of such a wonderful miracle was beyond belief. I still have times where I still am amazed by it. It’s just one of the many reasons why I want to be such a loving, involved father. The fact the God decided to bless me with such a special child made it so I feel that it’s my duty to be the very best father that I can possibly try to be. Enjoy each and every moment, take none for granted. And that is exactly what I am trying to do.

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2 Responses to One of the Happiest Moments of my Life

  1. 509majesty says:

    This took me back to that same experience. I always dreamed of a little girl, the day it was confirmed was the happiest I had been in some time! Thanks.

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