Finding the Motivation to Work Out

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.Daily Prompt


Something that I should do but don’t is to get up early to have time before work to go work out.

Exercising is a habit that I should really get into the habit of doing. Plus I have an urge to be able to run in a 5K. You just can’t show up one day and run a 5K with no training or build up to the event. I have a wonderful program on my phone called Couch to 5K which seems like it would be an easy way to build up to running a 5K. I have thought about just signing up for a 5K ahead of time as something to force me to get working on it. But then I am not sure that would work either.

The only time that I have on a regular basis to do it without taking time away from my daughter would be in the morning before I go to work. In the evening when I get off work I only have a couple hours with my daughter before she has to be in bed. If I took some of that time to exercise then I would be missing out on time with her each evening. And then there are the evenings when she has activities going on. My wife works evenings so I can’t go after she is in bed since she can’t be left alone.

So the best time would be in the morning. Unfortunately I am NOT a morning person. I am the type who stays in bed until the very last minute when I have to get up in order to be at work on time. Or wherever else I need to be. Especially in the winter months when it’s so warm and cozy in bed, especially now that we have a heated mattress pad.

Ideally I would get up about 6 or so to allow for time to go to the gym and then shower then come back home to shower and dress to get ready for work. I could sleep a little later if I wanted to go straight from the gym to work. The gym has showers. But then I would miss being able to hug and kiss my daughter and wife goodbye in the mornings.

So in the meantime I suppose I will just continue telling myself I am going to start the habit next week. And maybe one of these weeks it will actually take hold.


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1 Response to Finding the Motivation to Work Out

  1. c2avilez says:

    You should do it! You won’t be sorry. Maybe you can get your wife and daughter involved as well. Kids tend to pick up on what their parents like to do. Just think of the active, fitness model you would be providing her.

    I did the Couch to 5K a few years ago as an older adult. I always wanted to run, but never made the time. When I ran my first 5K, I couldn’t believe I had done it. Same for my first 10K and my first half marathon. (I stopped there.) It’s pretty addictive, and the running community is about the most supportive community out there.

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