Motivational Factors

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?Daily Prompt


I’m not sure the exact time I was last told someone was proud of me. I am sure it was my wife. But as to what is was in regards too, I’m not sure.

Some people strive for recognition and praise and that is what motivates them or drives them. Others are motivated by money. Others are motivated by fame. It is important to know what motivates you and putting yourself in situations where you can receive that motivation.

I’m not one who necessarily requires positive encouragement or praise, money, or fame. Praise is nice to hear from time to time. But I don’t necessarily look for it. Money is nice to have, but I believe money can not buy happiness. I also don’t care to be famous. I hope to have a positive impact on people I come into contact with, but I don’t need fame.

For me, four things come to mind which motivate me.

First and foremost is knowing that I provide happiness, security, and well being for my wife and daughter. As a husband and father, it is my job to make sure that they are provided for and well cared for. If I am doing my job as husband and father then they are going to be provided and cared for, therefore they will be happy. When I fail to make that occur and happen, then I have failed, at least momentarily.

Second thing that drives me is knowing that I did my very best. Knowing that I have done the job or accomplished the task and done an excellent job at it provides a wonderful feeling inside. This feeling is what drives me to do the best I can at my job. If I continue to do the best job I can do, then everything else will follow. This will then tie back into the first factor that drives me, the ability to provide happiness, security, and well being for my family.

I am driven by doing my best to set the example for others who see how I handle myself. I hope that in my actions, others can see how they can better handle the same situations. I hope that my faith shines through and that people see the love of Jesus through me. My daughter is constantly watching me and how I handle life. I want to set an example for her to follow. I also believe that if people see how strong a role my faith plays in my life, they too may see how Jesus can play an important part in their life.

Finally, I am very competitive. I like to the best at whatever I do. The best father. The best husband. The best worker. I want to win at all the games I play. The only exception to this seems to be games against my daughter. I let her win occasionally, but then who doesn’t let their kid win once in a while? Even in coaching soccer at the YMCA, inside I really want to win. I try not to let that come through to the kids as the goal of the YMCA is not to be competitive but to learn the game and make sure everyone has fun. But just as the kids know the score and watch the scoreboard, I also want to win if at all possible. I really felt bad a few weeks ago when our game ended in a tie. I still let the kids know how awesome a job they did and didn’t share my disappointment with them, but inside I was disappointed.

It also reminded me of one drawback of soccer. Who wants to play a game and then end the game tied? But that’s a topic for another post some day.

So, what motivates you in your life?

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