The Family Pets

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.” – Daily Prompt


I’ve talked a lot about my precious daughter and lovely wife. But I have yet to mention the family pets so I suppose it’s time to give them their moment of fame too.

We have three dogs and a cat. You would think the dogs run the house but that’s not always the case. When the cat gets in one of his moods he has no problem getting the dogs to do whatever it is he wants. I always pictured cats running from dogs, then I saw a real life example of just the opposite occurring.

The cat was a pet my wife and I got when we first moved in together almost 17 years ago now. He was a playful cat when he was younger. Now he is more of a sleeping cat. He hangs out mostly in our kitchen near his food, but will venture into the living room occasionally to sleep on the couch to be more comfortable. He’s not quite as interactive as he used to be. Occasionally he will come into the living room and find a dog sleeping where he wants to sleep. He will give a verbal warning and if the dog doesn’t move he has no reservations about swatting the dog with his claw. He very quickly ends up with the spot he wants.

We have one shih-tzu dog. He, like the cat, is getting up there in age. We have had him for about 12 or 13 years now. He too spends a lot of time sleeping. My wife picked the dog out as she likes the smaller dogs. I did get to pick his name, Brutus. Of course the name is in reference to the Ohio State Buckeye mascot. Go Bucks!

We also have two labs. They are very playful and full of energy! They have absolutely been great with our daughter from the very beginning. The did not necessarily like each other at first, but now they are like peas in a pod.

We got Rudi from a pet rescue adoption at a local pet store. She was abused as a pup and all the other dogs born with her did not make it. Still to this day she does not like strangers or other dogs. Any time visitors come around we have to put her up because other wise she spends the whole time shaking and barking.

The other lab, Lilly, we got from some friends at our church who were having to move and could not take her with them. My daughter took an immediate liking to Lilly and the two of them have been inseparable ever since. I fear the day that something ever happens to Lilly. It’s going to be very difficult on my daughter.

Two crazy stories about the dogs always come to mind when I think of them.

First, 6 days a week at about the same time every day, the mail comes and is delivered through the mail slot in our door. You would think that after all these years the dogs would be used to this and it would be a non-event for them. Yet every day when the mail comes all three dogs leap up from whatever they are doing and rush for the door barking as if it’s something new that is happening. It’s hillarious!

Second involves the evenings when I am home and the wife is at work. Normally the dogs don’t notice sounds like car doors and other things that might happen or go on outside. Yet each evening when the wife is not home, every little sound that sounds like it might be a car arriving the dogs are up and running toward the door expectantly. It’s as if being home alone with me is such torture on them! Everytime I hear a car door slam and immediately look at the clock while they run towards the door.

Owning pets can be a fun and educational experience. I used to think I was a cat person, until I owned a cat. I definitely know now that I am more of a dog person, specifically a lab person.


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  1. 🙂 Dog person is the way to go. No offense to my cat friends.

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