Somebody Else’s Island

Wow… It’s been almost a full year since I last blogged. Time flies. Think I am going to take another shot at posting on a regular basis, but no promises can be made! So without further delay, here we go….


We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with? – Daily Post

I am assuming here that I am sending this person to be stranded on a desert island as a form of pleasure. Not out of punishment or not in the case of them being ship wrecked unexpectedly. So based on that assumption, here are the items I would send with them:

  1. Family Photos – Obviously you would want to have something to remember your family while you were away, right? Pictures of the spouse, kids, family pets, or whoever else you consider near and dear to you. Even if them driving you crazy is the reason you need this pleasure trip away from everyone and everything you are still going to want to remember them.
  2. E-Reader – While you are sunning yourself in the sun and sand you are still going to need something to do. You can only stare at the sand, water, and sun so much before you get bored. I would load the E-Reader up with that persons favorite books as well as new books from some of their favorite authors. I originally considered a cell phone or tablet to so they could keep up on world events and communicate with family left behind. But then again, this is probably a vacation where you don’t care what else is going on in the rest of the world. Plus, how would you get wifi or cell signal on a deserted island?
  3. Survival Basics Book – Since no one has ever explored this island before who knows what dangerous animals you might encounter. Or if there are sources for food and clean water. What bugs are poisonous, what plants are safe to eat, where do you find water if needed? You certainly aren’t going to have the host of those survival shows along with you so you need something to help you in case you find yourself starving, dehydrated, or in need of emergency action in regards to animal or insect bites.
  4. Sunscreen – Can’t enjoy sun and sand without the appropriate amount of sunscreen. Unless you want to be in pain and discomfort, not to mention possibly ending up with skin cancer. If you truly want to enjoy the deserted island you truly need to protect your skin.
  5. Hatchet or Axe – Never having been to the island before who knows what type of protection there would be available to keep you dry during a sudden serious downpour. The hatchet or axe would allow for the ability to chop trees and wood to create a shelter you can take cover in as well as fire wood so you could boil water and cook food. Would also allow for protection against any larger animals you might be in danger from.

So, what do you think? Good assortment of items? Anything I missed? Anything you would take differently?


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1 Response to Somebody Else’s Island

  1. Lee says:

    The survival basic book would be on the e-reader, don’t forget matches or a flint to build a fire…fire equals warmth, food, and light. Consider for the next relative. 🙂

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