The Table With Poor Self Worth


If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?Daily Post

The inanimate object that I would owe the biggest apology to would be our dining room table. All it wants to do is to be loved for it’s talent and skills and yet it goes totally unnoticed.

We have owned this beautiful and sturdy dining room table for many years and all we do is conveniently ignore it as if it does not exist. Sure, we walk through the dining room and glance at it’s beauty from time to time. But do we give it a second thought? Of course not. On top of that it is in a room we keep mostly closed off so it is constantly chilly throughout the winter. So not only forgotten, but also very cold!

Sure, we will take pity on it and eat dinner on it once every six months or so. And of course we use it for special occasions such as Christmas Day dinner. But usually we use our much less beautiful and smaller kitchen table since there are only three of us and it is after all right there in the kitchen where all the cooking is done.

That dining room table must be awfully jealous and have a severe case of very low self esteem and self worth based on how often we ignore it. It’s a good thing inanimate objects are not capable of hurting themselves because otherwise we might have a case of a table suicide.

Occasionally we might use it to put together a puzzle but only because we know the puzzle will be able to be there for a couple weeks without us having to move it or having to try to eat around it. And it does serve an excellent place for me to put together my picture frames at the end of each sports season. Obviously it’s helpful to have room to spread out the frames and letters I need without having to worry about having to have it done in a couple hours in time for dinner.

The poor dining room table only wants to be able to show us how well it can do the job it was meant for, that of holding and serving us nice, quiet family dinners. And yet we keep refusing to let it do it’s job.

If it was not an inanimate object I imagine it would probably give us a good piece of it’s mind as it was on it’s way out the door to some other family who could show it the love it truly deserves!

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