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The Gun Control Opponents

Obviously, one of the hot topics in current events today is gun control. You have one side which is looking for more gun control. The other side seems to think there is no room for improving gun control. The most … Continue reading

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Pastor’s Signed Receipt Makes News

A pastor’s behavior makes news. Unfortunately, not the type of news you might expect a pastor to make. The pastor went to eat at an Applebees restaurant after church with a large group. Because the group was more than … Continue reading

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Morning After Pill Via Vending Machine?

A college in Pennsylvania is selling the morning after pill via a vending machine and the FDA has approved it. One would think in a place of higher learning a school would be more interested in educating their students … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts Allowing Gay Members and Leaders?

One of the stories in the news lately is the Boy Scouts possibly ending their ban on gay members and leaders. This is obviously a controversial story. Some people think it is long overdue that this happens. Others think … Continue reading

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Matter of Perspective – How It Changes Things

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.  – Daily Prompt One of the big news stories of this past week was the lifting of the … Continue reading

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Working At Romance

Pat Robertson is in the middle of another controversy based on something he has said. He clearly worded what he was saying poorly. And should have never included the overweight part of what he said. But I think he … Continue reading

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Girls Playing Football

There is a petition available on asking for signatures to petition the Philadelphia CYO to allow a girl to play in the tackle football league which she has played in in previous seasons. You can view and sign the … Continue reading

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